How to watch Leftovers (2006) on your iPhone
You can watch Leftovers (2006) on your iPhone, running a compatible version of iOS.

The Interactive Version:

The movie file is ca. 16MB, so you might wanna try this while on a decent WiFi connection, to avoid unnecessary frustration as waiting for the download to complete.

The Linear Version:

The linear version is in iPhone compatible .mp4 format, and should play in your Mobile Safari by default as you visit our home page.  Older iPhones may not support the resolution of this movie, however.

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Leftovers (2006) was created by

Andras Frenyo : photographer
Sunny Kharbanda : animator
Kay Christi : concept girl
Brent Mellecker : animator
Paul Gray : digital artist

HiRes Panoramic view of the set

The Set